Gwadar Free Zone to Host First Investment Company – CPEC Update

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is undergoing its most influential phase which aims producing maximum employments and investments in Pakistan. Recently a shipment of first imported materials for first investment company in Gwadar Free Zone arrived at Gwadar Port.

First Investment Company to be started in Gwadar Free Zone – CPEC Update

Gwadar Free Zone under CPEC is to host first investment company for which imported material arrived at Gwadar Port couple of days back. Second Phase of China Pakistan Economic Corridor has reached to its most effective stage envisioned to fetch finest development in region.

Commencement of investment company in Gwadar Free Zone will enhance the appeal to further investments and businesses in Gwadar opening doorway to more opportunities in area. Pakistan has set three major goals to achieve in near future under CPEC that are given as under.

  1. 1st Target (2020): Period of Market Cultivation
  2. 2nd Target (2025): Period of Expansion and Development
  3. 3rd Target (2030): Period of Maturity

Period of Market Cultivation is about addressing major bottlenecks to Pakistan’s economic and social development in order to boost the economic growth.

Period of Expansion and Development includes the development of processing and manufacturing industries, significant improvement in people’s livelihood, balanced regional economic development and all the goals of Pakistan’s vision 2025.

Period of Maturity comprises the arrangement of endogenous mechanism for sustainable economic growth through CPEC to play a leadership role in the region.

Plantation of Trees at Airport Road Gwadar – Development Update

Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) is actively performing Development of Gwadar simultaneously creating Investment Opportunities in Port City. Government of Pakistan is keen to make Gwadar a smart city with eco-friendly environment and plantation of trees along main roads is underway as per Clean and Green Gwadar Program.

Currently GDA is Planting date trees and other plants at Airport Road Gwadar to enhance the beauty and environment of emerging port city. Likewise activities at Gwadar Port and other infrastructure developments in area are also in full swing right now as per the preliminary phase of Gwadar Master Plan.

Development in Gwadar Underway Despite Covid-19 Pandemic – Latest Update

First phase of Gwadar master plan is underway and development in Gwadar is not been hindered because of Corona Pandemic. Gwadar has to be developed within set time frame as it’s a planned port city so development in Gwadar and functions on Gwadar Port are not impacted because of covid-19 pandemic.

Gwadar’s Faqeer School Extension near Completion – Development Update

Gwadar’s Faqeer Middle School is a Chinese funded venture aiming to equip school with advanced infrastructure, modern teaching concepts and diversified subjects satisfying local educational requirement.

Work on Gwadar’s Faqeer School Extension was underway and was almost fifty percent completed till December 2019. Since Corona out broke ceased works and businesses across the globe and meanwhile country is also undergoing a lockdown, but this pandemic isn’t stopping or delaying developments in Gwadar and operations at the Gwadar Port.

Development on Gwadar’s Faqeer Middle School is still in process as its set to be completed by September 2020, government reaffirms its commitments towards the development of Port City. Construction of School’s extension will soon be concluded with support of Chinese Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC).

Gwadar Port Remains Operational Amid Corona Pandemic – Latest Update

Gwadar Port, a key project under the umbrella of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is functioning well despite Corona pandemic. Located in southwest province of Balochistan, Gwadar Port Commenced Performing its role as economical transit stop and time-saving trade port.

As Pakistan went into lockdown couple of weeks back, the port followed relevant rules and put on hold some of the projects in the nearby Free Trade Zone. Business development to attract foreign investors has also come to a temporary halt.

Gwadat Port itself has been sealed off to outsiders and number of non-essential visits has been minimized yet it’s still functioning for some important trade affairs.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said in a recent interview with the Global Times that CPEC construction won’t be impacted in long run, although in the short run it could face some slowdown.

“As soon as we are over the hump of dealing with the coronavirus, I think we’ll be back on track,” Qureshi said. “After the temporary dip, things will come back quickly. And the entire region stands to benefit from the projects.”

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PIA Commencing Flight Operations to Gwadar – Latest Update

A has announced the commencement of flights from Quetta to Gwadar. Initiation of flights to Gwadar would help sharing the increasing load of passengers as the market condition has been improved with the acceleration of developments in Gwadar. Meanwhile preparations of Gwadar Jeep Rally are also underway.

PIA Initiating Fight Operations from Quetta to Gwadar – Latest Update

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has announced the initiation of flights from Quetta to Gwadar. Currently there was no direct flights to Gwadar from anywhere in Balochistan. Couple of months back in January, Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar hinted about the Initiation of Flights Operation from Quetta to Gwadar.

Now it’s been officially announced that PIA would operate two flights weekly from Quetta to Gwadar from 31st March. These two flights would take off for Gwadar on every Tuesday and Thursday at 12PM.

Likewise Flight to Quetta from Gwadar would be operated on every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:45PM. Gwadar Airport Administration has also started managements for these flight operations. Initiation of these flight operations would enhance the business and Tourism Scopes in Gwadar.